Green is the soul of Boga Valley,
Wellness is it's heart.


the heart of Boga Valley

If “Green” is the soul of Boga Valley, “Wellness” is its heart. This heart is the Wellness Enclave. A state-of-the-art array of preventive medicine encompassing advanced Anti-Aging and Cellular Therapy, Aesthetic Medicine, Dietary and Weight Management, Diagnostic, and ancillary Rehabilitation services. A Destination Spa is added, with a repertoire of Asian wellness treatments that include alternative and complementary therapies like Malay Traditional Massage, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. A Centre of Excellence offering training to the medical fraternity in the fields of stem cells and bio-technology.

The Wellness Retreat

The Wellness Retreat in Boga Valley will be the first of its kind in Asia, where state-of-the-art German medical protocols are combined with holistic wellness. This wellness enclave will be the anchor in Boga Valley.

One no longer needs to recover and obtain wellness in a sterile clinical setting. The Wellness Retreat at Boga Valley, located next to a luxurious six-star hotel provides the perfect setting for a wellness holiday.

Take in the fresh air, bird watch or explore the jungle trails. Join the qigong and yoga classes under the clear blue sky, meditate by the stream, enjoy the crisp weather, or simply heal and regain your health in glorious natural surroundings.