The Boga Valley
Green Initiative

GBI Township Pilot

The Green Building Index (GBI) is Malaysia's green rating agency for the built environment. Boga Valley is a pilot project for the GBI's new Township Rating System. Conventional green building ratings only assess individual buildings. The new township rating will assess an entire township. Boga Valley will be certifying both individual buildings and the entire township.

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The soul of Boga Valley

In the world we live in, it is a privilege to live “green”. Boga Valley offers this privilege of rare dimension, as true and honest as is desired, pulling all the stops, removing all the barriers. From the air you breath, the place you live, the recreation you indulge in, the groceries you buy, the awareness you bring to your children and to the entire consciousness of the environment you experience, you are in the realm of the “Green Wave”. Boga Valley is the epitome of this “Green Wave”, an emerging phenomenon of awareness of the environment.

Green living

The “greening” of Boga Valley is not mere philosophy, nor is it just a promotional branding. It is the creation of a true, ideal living environment, meeting the highest standards in green design and development, certified by Green Building Index (GBI). Its impact on the natural surroundings includes the rejuvenation of the forests with flora and fauna that have been lost or damaged. Buildings are designed to optimise the benefits of the sun, wind and rain. Water is recycled, energy made renewable, materials and construction techniques are employed to meet the environmental challenges of today and the future.

Comprehensive   green   programme

Boga Valley has a team of expert consultants to execute the most comprehensive green programme any township development in Malaysia has ever seen. This programme is called the Green Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure that every aspect of the development at every stage meets the highest green building standards.

In addition, Boga Valley is participating in the GBI Township Pilot Project, helping them create the next generation of Green Township Rating Tools. These tools will serve to change the way Malaysians develop in the future.

River   protection   &   rejuvination

Boga Valley is blessed with several rivers and streams that run through the site. They give life to the large variety of flora and fauna found within the pockets of forests on the development. These rivers are a highly protected part of the development throughout the planning, design, construction and eventual operation of Boga Valley. The rivers will also be rejuvenated with careful management and reintroduction of native riparian species, helping them achieve their natural splendour.

Forest   &   Bio-diversity   Rehabilitation

Malaysia boasts some of the oldest rainforests in the world, some as old as 120 million years. Unfortunately much of Malaysia's forests are under threat from illegal logging, illegal farming and the unabated growth of plantations. Boga Valley's location is extremely lucky to have it's north boundary flanked by one of Malaysia's forest reserves. It is an integral part of our planning and design to ensure that valuable plants, trees and animal habitats are protected. What has been the victim of illegal farming over the years will undergo extensive rehabilitation to rebuild the forest. This is being done with the help of experts on possibly one of Malaysia's most ambitious landscaping and bio-diveristy rehabilitation efforts.